How to Speed Up WordPress Website

How to Speed Up WordPress Website?

Tired with the website loading slow? And thinking about How to Speed Up WordPress Website? Yes, everyone is. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some extraordinary tips that will make your website super fast as compared to previous website loading time.

Below we have given some steps for optimizing WordPress website, by following these steps you will surely see effects on your website.

So, let’s begin with finding a solution for a typical question How to Speed Up WordPress Website?

Delete Unwanted Themes:

When WordPress gets installed it installs 3 WordPress default themes, and usually, no one deletes that extra themes. They get stored in a server so they are occupying space and this gets affect on WordPress website loading. So, after installation always remember to delete all the unwanted themes and keep the one which is required.

Delete Unwanted Plugins:

Like themes, WordPress also install some plugins as default. Which is not required in some case so it is better to delete all that default plugins.
Sometimes we keep installing the plugins and never delete any plugin which we don’t need at all. When a plugin gets install in WordPress, some of the plugins also create Database Tables in the database.
So, if the unwanted plugins don’t get deleted they occupy space in Database also, this directly makes your WordPress website slow. It is good practice to delete all the unwanted plugins and make WordPress Website Speed Better.

Good Cache Plugins:

In WordPress, there are may Free WordPress Cache plugin, among them we usually prefer WP Super Cache,  WP Fastest Cache & WP Rocket(Premium). These are the best plugins for caching websites.
Why do we need a caching plugin?  The best answer is explained by Wp Rocket, one on the best cache plugin available for WordPress. It is always recommended to use cache plugin in your WordPress website for website faster loading.

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Use Autoptimize Plugin:

Have you ever saw the code of your WordPress Website? If not, try it now, just go on your WordPress Website and right click with your mouse and select view page source. Now all the code used to create your WordPress website will appear on your screen.
You will see that all the code separated in a new line, every time the website gets loaded, server load code line by line and it takes some time for loading.
Using autoptimize plugin it will optimize your website codes, CSS code, and JavaScript in one line. Now, when the website gets loaded code will load faster than the previous one, and this will increase the speed of WordPress website.

Use WP-Optimize Plugin:

This plugin totally based on database optimization. All the website’s revisions, unwanted drafts posts, trashed posts, spam comments, unapproved comments, and other unwanted data get stored in the database.  This effect on the loading speed of the database and due to this website loading issue occurs.
This plugin totally deletes all the unwanted data from the database and optimize it properly.

Optimize Images:

Images with large size take time to load, so it is always better to use an image with less size and good quality. So that will load faster and improves website speed performance.

Bonus Tip: Use JetPack plugin and in settings Enable Lazy Images and Enable Site Accelerator, this will boost your website speed more. We will explain detail about Jetpack plugin in any other blog.
If after doing all these things website still loads slow, you must change your hosting company. We usually suggest BlueHost, it has decent and good servers.

How to Speed Up WordPress Website

We hope, all the concepts regarding How to Speed Up WordPress Website is cleared. If you have any more suggestions about increasing WordPress website, then let us know in comments.

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  1. Great tips here! It’s incredible how many methods & plugins exist to help solve problems that WordPress website owners face. A great tip I personally found to speed up WordPress was removing unused Javascripts which WordPress adds to the header and the footer. This sped my site up significantly, especially removing Jquery since I wasn’t using it on my site anyway.

  2. I think other web-site proprietors should take this website as an model, very clean and magnificent user friendly style and design, as well as the content. You’re an expert in this topic!

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